Dear Southern Fried Swing Dancers...

I’m writing to inform you that, unfortunately, we will not be hosting Southern Fried Swing this year (2014).


Southern Fried Swing started in 2009, as a way to promote Lindy Hop in our region and allow our local dancers to come in contact with some of the best swing dancers in the nation and the world. For five years, our small team of volunteers has worked tirelessly and selflessly to do just that. Additionally, dancers from all over the region have driven hundreds of miles to support us and make our event successful. Personally, I am most grateful to you all.


Whereas many swing dance weekends and conventions are sponsored by clubs or organizations, Southern Fried Swing has always been largely supported by the dance studio I own, Momentum Dance Concepts, and the generous contributions of several individuals. As yet, however, the event has not grown enough to break even based on ticket sales, so each year our team of small volunteers has worked to raise the additional money required. Over the years, we’ve been pretty creative, hosting a Great Gatsby Party, several dances, and even a huge yard sale!


While our fundraising and event planning efforts have always been successful, they still come with a great deal of stress that affects the lives of those most closely associated with Southern Fried Swing. It is because of these concerns that I have decided to not host Southern Fried Swing this year.


I’m hoping the time off will allow us all to rest, refocus, and recharge.


We will discuss the possibility of future Southern Fried Swing events and keep you posted.


For all your love and support, we are all most grateful. There is always a true magic in the air when Southern Fried Swing takes places, and I know that will be missed by many.


I hope this finds you well. If I can be of any assistance in finding other Lindy Hop events or outlets, please let me know.


Also, if you have won passes to our event, or are an event organizer who has traded passes with our event, we truly apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact me directly, as I will do everything possible to honor the passes should we host again in the future.


Yours, Marcus


Thank You for Attending the

5th Annual Southern Fried Swing! 


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